Bachelor's students

For Maastricht UMC+ an efficient talent development policy starts at the level of the bachelor's and (Research) master's students.

For highly motivated and gifted bachelor's students there are several possibilities to develop their talent and distinguish themselves from their fellow students. The different possibilities are presented below.

Honours Programme

The FHML Honours programme is offered to a limited number of talented and highly motivated first year students from all fields of study within the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences (FHML). It is an extracurricular activity organised in year 2 and 3 of the bachelor curriculum, demanding 420 hours of study in the course of 18 months.  


Maastricht University offers talented and motivated second and third-year students the opportunity to conduct their own research within a Research-Based Learning (MaRBLe) project. During a research project the student is introduced to theoretical aspects of conducting research within his/her field or discipline and can conduct his/her own research. The skills that students develop within this project are useful for either a career in scientific research or research positions in business.

International experience

Especially for talented young students it is important to look beyond national borders and spend some time abroad. This is an excellent way for students to immerse themselves in other cultures and become more familiar with other languages. Furthermore it is a known fact, that many employers highly value a period abroad, which will increase the employability and job prospects. And, for anybody who is eager to pursue a career in academics, some experience abroad is indispensable. The FHML offers grants for bachelor's students to go abroad. More information on studying abroad and possible grants can be found here.