PhD Candidates

Development of your competencies during the PhD trajectory

PhD trajectories at Maastricht UMC+, of both internal and external PhD candidates, are aimed at the development of the PhD candidate into a well-equipped, well-prepared and capable independent researcher, who is able to defend the PhD thesis during the graduation ceremony and to function well in an international academic context.

  • Courses, Conferences and Scholarships
    During their PhD trajectory, PhD candidates should grasp the opportunity to participate in PhD courses and (international) conferences, in order to increase their discipline- and project-specific research skills and knowledge. When eager to pursue a career in academics, experience abroad is indispensable, to gain experience in an international environment and expand your horizon.
  • Transferable skills
    PhD candidates should also develop transferable skills, such as communication, writing, PR & networking, time- and career development, leadership, (project) management skills and (research) ethics, which are valuable assets in academic careers as well as increase their opportunities on the professional job market beyond the university setting

Watch this video about working as a PhD-student at Maastricht University.


  • Talent scouting
    Talented PhD candidates are actively scouted by their supervisors, theme leaders, and department heads, and brought to the attention of the School director and (vice-) Dean. The Grants Office provides advice on CV and career development and individual grants and scholarships.
  • Kootstra Talent Fellowship Programme
    Talented PhD candidates in their final year can apply for a Kootstra Talent Fellowship, to bridge the time between graduation and postdoc position and  can be used for writing a postdoc proposal (for example VENI).
  • PhD courses are offered by Maastricht University, the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences, each of the Schools and their national Research Schools.

Please visit the FHML/MUMC+ PhD pages for more information.

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