(Research) Master's students

For Maastricht UMC+ an efficient talent development policy starts at the level of the bachelor's and (Research) master's students.

At the moment a bachelor's student becomes a master's student, they get a lot closer to one of the six Maastricht UMC+ graduate schools.

Research master's programmes

The Research master's programmes are especially suitable for identifying talented young researchers. The Maastricht UMC+ has three formally accredited Research master's programmes:



PREMIUM is an honours programme for excellent master's students who want to bridge the gap between study and career. The programme offers students the opportunity to work with a team on a project for approximately 3 months (depending on the client’s needs). This experience will provide an excellent preparation for a future career.

MD-PhD trajectories

Talented medical students, with a special interest in scientific research, are offered the opportunity to combine their internships (‘co-schappen’) with a PhD-trajectory. Thus, upon completion, the student will obtain his/her MD and PhD degree at the same time. This is facilitated by the Maastricht UMC+ by offering a flexible master study programme. There is no official selection. The initiative often lays with the medical student him/herself and his or her supervisor.

International experience

Especially for talented young students it is important to look beyond national borders and spend some time abroad. This is an excellent way for students to immerse themselves in other cultures and become more familiar with other languages. Furthermore it is a known fact, that many employers highly value a period abroad, which will increase the employability and job prospects. And, for anybody who is eager to pursue a career in academics, some experience abroad is indispensable.  The FHML offers grants for master's students to go abroad. More information on studying abroad and possible grants can be found here.

Talent Scouting

It is usually the master thesis supervisor who is the obvious person to discover a gifted master's student. But also other research staff from one of the FHML’s graduate schools can ‘scout’ a talented master's student. For all graduate schools the day-to-day interaction with master's students is important, because it is only by dealing with the master's students on a regular basis, that it is possible to identify especially gifted students. What happens next, depends on the situation and available opportunities. It might be that a student-assistantship is offered, or perhaps a student is stimulated to apply for a Kootstra Talent Fellowship (see above). When a student is participating in one of the (prestigious) Research Master's programmes, the talented students are stimulated to use the second year of the Research Master for the preparation and start of a PhD-project. Thus, the official PhD trajectory can be reduced with one year.

Especially for MHPE students

Free participation in the course ‘writing a PhD research proposal’

The School of Health Professions Education (SHE) offers a special course on “writing a PhD research proposal”. Master of Health Professions Education (MHPE) students can choose to participate in this course at a certain charge. However, especially talented MHPE students are offered to participate in this prestigious and intensive course free of charge.