The aim of the MUMC+ is that PhD candidates develop into well-equipped and capable researchers who graduate on a high-quality dissertation and have good job perspectives. To reach this, PhD candidates should receive high-quality supervision and opportunities to develop competencies that enable them to pursue a career in research, as well as outside academia. To support PhD candidates to complete their trajectory successfully, the PhD TRACK quality and monitoring system was developed by and implemented in each of the nine Schools and institutes. The School PhD coordinators and offices administer the PhD TRACK system and are contact points for both PhD candidates and supervisors.

The PhD TRACK system has the following aims:

• To register all categories of PhD candidates, their supervisors, and the research lines in which they are embedded
• To have PhD candidates build a research and teaching portfolio
• To monitor the progress of PhD trajectories
• To monitor the performance of supervisors
• To produce management information for the Schools, MUMC+ board and national organisations such as the VSNU (Association of Universities in the Netherlands)

Research Office Track and PhD policy contact person
Hannerieke van der Boom